McDonalds Items not avalible in Kuwait

By John 😉

McDonalds serves millions of people every day. In some countries (like Kuwait), McDonalds has to include different items on the menu to make it to the country’s cultral expectations. Here are some of the most interesting:

1. Bubblegum Marshmallow Ice Cream (Australia)

Vanilla Ice Cream topped with  Bubblegum Fudge and Marshmallows

2. Prosperity Burger (Malaysia)

Beef or chicken patty, black pepper sauce and onions.It looks Asian alright… with that juicy teriyaki sauce!

3. Black and White Burger Combo (China)

McDonald's Black and White Hamburger Combo

Seriously, a black and white burger! Why China ….!

The black burger, which is topped with white sesame seeds, has a black pepper sauce with chopped onions, according to McDonalds China CEO. The white burger is topped with black sesame seeds and has a spicy sauce.

4. Oreo Cone (Mexico)

I need this!!!!!!! And BTW it’s a DOLLAR in Mexico!

5. Matcha Green Tea McFlurry (Singapore and Japan)

McDonald's Matcha McFlurry

You’re kidding. The McFlurry contains green tea powder and oreo bits

6. Seaweed Shaker Fries (Asian McDonalds – China, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines, Thailand, Laos, Singapore etc.)

McDonald's Seaweed Shaker Fries

The fries are topped with seaweed bits!

7. McPoutine (Canada)

McDonald's Poutine

According to a Traditional Canadian Dish, the fries are topped with cheesy cheddar/mozzarella sauce. Umm….

8. McMacarons (France, Austria)

Macarons - France, Austria

Lucky Europeans! This should be available everywhere!

9. Rice Porridge (Malaysia)

Bubur ayam McD -- Malaysia

Chicken Rice Soup topped with spring onions and tomatoes.

10. Cheese Fondue Chicken (Japan)

Chicken breast dipped in cheese sauce, beef bacon, more cheese and lettuce.

11. Carbonara Chicken (Japan)

Chicken breast dipped in white cream sauce, scrambled eggs, beef bacon and mozzarella.

12. German Sausage Chicken (Japan)

Fried chicken thigh patty, slice of grilled sausage, cheese, sauerkraut and mustard.

13. Mega Sausage (Japan)

Hot dog with relish and ketchup, only served for breakfast.

14. Korokke Burger (Japan)

Fried potato patty, cabbage and teriyaki sauce.

15. Ebi Filet-O (Japan)

Fried shrimp patty, Thousand Island dressing and lettuce.

16. Beef Bacon and Potato Pie (Japan)

Deep fried pie filled with mashed potatoes, beef bacon and cheese.

17. Cheese Katsu Burger (Japan)

Fried chicken breast filled with cheese, served with tonkatsu sauce.

18. Mega Tomago (McDonald’s, Japan)

Double Big Mac with with an egg patty and beef bacon.

19. Chocolate and Orange Pie (Asia)

Deep fried pie filled with orange flavored chocolate.

20. McD Chicken Porridge (Malaysia)

Chicken and onions in porridge.

13. Prosperity Burger (Malaysia)

Beef or chicken patty, black pepper sauce and onions.

14. McSpaghetti (Phillipines)

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and cheese.

15. McRice Burger (Philippines)

Beef or chicken on sticky rice patties.

16. Samurai Pork Burger (Thailand)

Beef patty, teriyaki sauce and pickles.

18. Chicken Maharaja Mac (India)

Big Mac with spicy grilled chicken instead of beef.

19. McAloo Tikki Buger (India)

Potato and chickpea patty, tomatoes, onions, and tomato mayonnaise.

20. McPaneer Wrap (India)

Paneer cheese and vegetables in flat bread, fried.

21. McCurry Pan (India)

Rectangular bread bowl filled with chicken and vegetables in a tomato curry sauce.

22. Brie Nuggets (Russia)

Fried brie.

23. McTurco (Turkey)

Two beef patties, vegetables and cayenne pepper sauce on pita.

24. Greek Mac (Greece)

Beef or chicken, tzatziki sauce, lettuce and tomato on pita.

26. Deluxe Brekkie Roll (Australia)

Bacon, sausage, egg, cheese and spicy tomato sauce on a french roll.

27. Pasta Zoo (Australia, New Zealand)

Animal shaped ravioli stuffed with cheese and vegetables.

28. Kiwi Burger (New Zealand)

Beef, tomato, fried egg, lettuce, tomato and beetroot.

29. McLobster Roll (Canada)

Lobster salad on a bun. Also available in certain U.S. markets.

31. Croque McDo (France)

Ham and Emmental cheese on toasted sweet bread.

32. Camembert Premiere (France)

Fried French cheese nuggets.

33. McArabia (Arabia)

Two grilled Kofta patties, tahini sauce, lettuce and tomatoes in flatbread.

34. Pizza McPuff (Morocco)

Pastry pocket filled with cheese, tomato sauce and vegetables.

35. Laksewrap (Norway)

Fried salmon filet wrapped in a tortilla.

36. Cordon Bleu Burger (Poland)

Burger topped with ham-stuffed fried chicken patty and beef bacon.

37. Gazpacho (Spain)

Cold tomato soup.

38. McKroket (Hungary)

Fried pastry filled with beef stew on a bun.

39. McPollo Jr. (Chile)

Fried chicken patty, lettuce, tomato and guacamole.

40. McMolettes (Mexico)

Refried beans, cheese and pico de gallo on an English Muffin.

41. McPumpkin Omelet Sandwich (Hungary)

Vegetable hash brown, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a pumpkin seed roll.

42. Little Chorizo Melt (England)

Beef patty, sliced chorizo, cheese, Emmental cheese, lettuce and tomato sauce.

43. Beef Bacon Roll (England)

British beef bacon and ketchup on a hard roll.

44. Das Nürnburger (Germany)

Triple bratwurst beef sandwich with cheeeeese……

What do you want in your McDonalds?


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