Girl sues Instagram for $500 million!

How it started

At the beginning of May 2014, a photo of Alabama teen Keisha Johnson OWNED Instagram. Her meme with her ugly face inspired thousands of Instagram users to make fun of her face with a meme. With her confused-WTF face, she brought ideas of memes all over Instagram. Here are some:




How she reacted.

And she is pissed. Known as the “confused girl,” the teen has decided to sue Instagram from $10 million to $500 million for what sounds like defamation:

“My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up.. I look nothing like that in real life! I am a really pretty bad girl…” she said.

What they did

In a court session, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained to Keisha that they aren’t responsible for the user’s actions.

According to its policy, users are responsible for what they post. It still looks like the IG star is confused, and still isn’t close to being a millionaire -__-

She is still suing Instagram. Lets see what happens…


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